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August 2, 2012, 7:20 pm
Filed under: The nature of Kink

Having surfed around today, while my son has been playing in the sandbox, petting bugs (he loves bugs) and watering the concrete, I’ve come back to some of the dilemmas I’ve faced on earlier occasions (reading Ludwigs blog). I think people have the right to choose what ever they want to do with whom ever (consenting sane adult of the human species) they wish to do it with. I’m for womens right.. I think equal work should give equal pay and I hated it when I was patronised because of my gender at work and at the university.

However I looooove the idea of the big bad chauvinistic bastard forcing me to submit, humiliating and degrading in the best 50 style (with more pain, nakedness and sex). I have a definite fetish for CDD (Christian domestic discipline) in spite of being an ardent atheist. It’s a chauvinism fetish, but I’m aware of it. Had I not studied for too many years, read and always felt sorta beside the whole gender thing, I would probably be one of those people complaining of anyone feeling different from me, and insisting that GOD (or nature) ordained that men be the natural rulers of women.

I’ve even considered dating guys (prior to hubbie of course) who truly believe the above, just because I want it SO BADLY. I watch 50 films just for the occasional chauvinistic remark, Doris Day realising she belongs at home, serving her husbands needs, not the world. It does spill over into real life, how can it not? I can’t help but relish when some guy gets bossy. I only hated it at work and the university because it truly wasn’t who I was there. And still I couldn’t help fantasise about having a boss who was equally bossy, but more into CP 🙂 The few times Hubbie has used that kind of verbal humiliation have been fantastic

O well, I’m sick. I just thought I ought to write, at least once on the blog, that people wanting other things than M/f are perfectly fine and dandy… But it is my fetish, no matter how un PC it might be.

The arrangement Hubbie and I had earlier, where our kink spilled into and filled all our life was great. My ultimate dream is still complete and constant submission, even though I know it’s probably not going to happen until I’m old and flubby.

I’ve thought about my CDD fetish. I don’t know what it is about Christianity (or actually just about any chauvinistic religion) that gets me.. I think it’s the thought of someone having the right to punish me.. It’s just really hot. It disturbs me on some deep fundamental level too, because Christianity (and again, all other religions maybe except Jainism) has the potential to be so twisted and truly scary too. To overrule morale and your better judgement, and really hurt people.
Well, am still badly in need of bdsm, and hubbie wont be home until tomorrow evening, and then he’ll most likely be pretty beat. That’s why women should have more than one dom 🙂


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I guess you are referring to my post “Black or White”? I hope you did not get the impression that I consider having M/F and D/s fantasies as in any way being wrong. The intention of my post was quite the contrary! In my view, all safe, sane and consensual kinky fantasies and lifestyles are okay (which includes consensually role-playing non-consensual scenarios), as long as people don’t believe that there is only one true way of doing things or that there are given roles for men and women in real life which everyone should stick to. No one has to like everything. What one should do is simply treat those who have a different kink respectfully. We all have different fantasies and I don’t think you have any reason to feel uncomfortable about yours. 🙂

Comment by Kaelah

Hi, and thanks for writing the first comment! Maybe it’ll be the only one 🙂
I did not get the impression that you consider any of those things wrong at all, your post just fuelled a lot of memories of people and theories I had almost forgotten. So I was just thinking out.. loud so to speak.

Comment by zenoida

It’s good to hear that my post came over as it was intended to. I also often spend time analysing my kink (and all the other important parts of my life) and I love to write about it, so I can absolutely relate to your “thinking out loud” approach. 🙂

Comment by Kaelah

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